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For over 10 years, our company has provided complete body tranformations specializing in weight-loss and body toning!

All of our fitness and nutrition packages come complete with everything you need to get serious results!

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“Jerremy, this morning I was amazed at how I felt and how I looked in the mirror. This has changed my life so significantly because I have the strength and stamina to do things I've never been able to do. You are an extraordinary trainer. You know your stuff and you provide the emotional, psychological, and spiritual support which I personally need to keep going. I feel the nutritional changes I am learning at now will be permanent because it's not just a "diet." It's a way of living to be healthy. My experience with your program has strengthened my muscles and my knees feel fine. My legs and joints feel stronger. My back usually is a little tired at the end of the day and mostly I'd go home and flop on the couch. Now my back and front muscles are stronger and my back doesn't ache. My shoulders drooped a little and I didn't like it. Now I feel muscles in my shoulders and posture has improved. People who know me have commented on the changes. I'm still learning, of course. But I really like this new me. Did I mention that I'll be 70 next month?”
Ada Meyers
70 years old
Elemenary School Teacher
Houston, TX



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Client Videos
A boot camp client of ours, Donna, sat down with us after class last week to talk about her experience with Jerremy's Traveling Fitness. At her last measurement day she had lost more than 11 inches in her waist and continues to improve her health and fitness each passing day!
Laura, one of our VIP training clients, has achieved tremendous success in just one month by losing more than 11 pounds!
VIP Private Client Richard increases Lean Mass by 5%, Reduces 10% Bodyfat and has the guts to prove it! Anyone at ANY age can do it!
Candice loves soccer. So much she came to Jerremy's Traveling Fitness to improve her game. Her agility, speed and quickness went from average to outstanding in 3 months!
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